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Letter to Harry

Dear Harry,

You turn 11 tomorrow and it’s got me thinking about how much my life has changed in the past 11 years and how instrumental you have been towards this.  I was thrilled to find out I was having you, you were to be my first child and I was so excited.  We didn’t know you were a boy and we didn’t want to find out, we wanted the surprise, so we used to call you Beany!  I loved being pregnant with you, I worried a lot as it was all new to me but you didn’t really cause me any bother.  You used to move a lot inside my belly and I would rub your feet when you kicked me, I loved feeling you move because it made think that you were ok in there. 

You were supposed to have your birthday in February, so I finished work early to enjoy some time relaxing before your arrival.  I thought I would have a whole month to chill out but I guess you decided differently.  On the evening of January 28th I spent the evening watching Vera die in Coronation Street (traumatic!) and feeling some very different feelings in my belly.  I went to bed and when daddy came home from work that night, I said to him I don’t think this baby is going to wait much longer!  At around 2am I suddenly woke up in bed, I must have felt something and just like that my waters went, thankfully not over the new carpet we had had fitted the week before.

You entered this world at 10.30am on January 29th 2008 and I remember daddy exclaiming it’s a ‘Harry’!! You were (and still are) absolutely gorgeous and you were mine.  I have never hidden the fact that you were not an ‘easy’ baby but then maybe I wasn’t a very confident mum, I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on but I didn’t always like you.  I doubted myself constantly and sometimes I wonder if you sensed the uneasiness in me, maybe if I had chilled out a bit, you would have too.  But we muddled through and over the first 9 months of your life and my maternity leave, I grew to not only enjoy being a mum and spending time with you, but wow, I grew to adore you, my sweet baby boy.

Over the years you have grown into a beautiful, kind, intelligent boy.  Everyday you amaze me with some facts or figures that you have learnt and remembered and your knowledge of the World War would rival any history teacher.  Life is not always easy for you, you have your own struggles and we are desperately trying to figure out better ways to help you but don’t worry, we will get there.  Together we will do it and don’t you ever forget that we are always here for you.  All you have to do is continue being you and grow in confidence and self belief.  You are amazing and we are so proud of you, everyday I say a little thanks that you are my son.

So, have a fabulous birthday and I hope you realise how much you are loved by everyone around you and how grateful we are that you are in our lives. 

Happy birthday my darling Harry xxx

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